Imre Kacskovics, professor, head of Department of Immunology, Faculty of Science, Eötvös Loránd University

Dr. Kacskovics got his DVM diploma at the University of Veterinary Science, Budapest, in 1987, where he received his PhD in 1998. He was a postdoctoral scientist in University of Iowa between 1991-1994 and then visiting scientist in the Karolinska Institute (1995-2005). Dr. Kacskovics was the Secretary General (2001-2007), elected-president (2010-2013) and president (2013-2016) of the Hungarian Society for Immunology. He has been serving the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as non-academic member since 2013, and is also member of the Senate at Eötvös Loránd University. Dr. Kacskovics is strategic advisor of the Ministry for National Economy, and participated to update and renew Hungarian RDI strategy at the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

Dr. Kacskovics has been working at the Department of Immunology of Eötvös Loránd University since 2006, and became head of the department and Peter S. Freudenthal professor since 2015. His research focus is to analyze the humoral immune response and the antibodies. He successfully defended his doctoral thesis about the regulation of antibody production at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2013. Dr. Kacskovics has published more than 50 per-reviewed scientific publications with >210 impact factor; his Hirsch index is 26.

Dr. Kacskovics develops new bioassays for Richter Gedeon Plc, that are connected to one of the most important activities at Richter, that is its activity in developing biosimilars.

Dr. Kacskovics and his colleagues developed new genetically modified mice and rabbits that have augmented immune response. They founded ImmunoGenes Ltd in 2007 and ImmunoGenes-ABS Ltd in 2012 to commercialize this technology. Dr. Kacskovics is CEO and CSO of these companies that produce antibodies for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications, as well as genetically modified animals.

Judit Molnár -  FIEK project manager, responsible for the operational management of the project

Judit Molnár is a certified economist with legal specialisation. She got her economic degree with European integration specialisation at Szeged University and received legal specialisation at the Eötvös Loránd University Institute of Post-Graduate Legal Studies. Since receiving her university diploma, she gained experiences in the fields of regional and business development. She has been dealing with the planning and realization of EU and Hungarian business and regional development projects and the implementation of those for 18 years. She is familiar with the Hungarian and the EU regional policy, and the general tools of regional development.

Her professional experience has been gained from the multi-level tasks at the South Great Plain Regional Development Agency, the network of the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, that is the Csongrád County Enterprise Centre and for a for-profit small enterprise, where she was the managing director and responsible for the operation.

During her career she has managed to obtain experience in preparing and planning projects, writing tenders, managing the projects, in assessment and monitoring tasks. Ms. Molnar is also familiar in evaluating medium and large scale projects, and also with the strategic environmental assessments.

In the frame of her most important experiences she was responsible for the coordination of more than 50 experts on national level during professional and financial monitoring activities. She also took part in the preparation of cross-border development programmes for the 2014-2020 planning period and was responsible for the strategic environmental assessment of cross-border programmes – managing the assessment process and preparing assessment reports in line with the relevant EU regulations. She also has experiences in the professional evaluation of more than 250 cross-border and national projects.

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