The human resources and infrastructural background of BIOTech FIEK

BIOTech FIEK is primarily based on those research groups that have recently received significant support from NRDI (FIEK, VKE, NAP), EMMI/ITM (Excellence Program) related to biotechnology and are accordingly open to industrial cooperation.

The Lágymányos Campus of ELTE and several research teams of HAS RCNS have purchased instruments of the highest standard (also satisfying the requirements of pharmaceutical industry) using the significant state supports of the past period. All of these are operated by biologists and organic chemists, researchers holding the highest qualifications both by domestic and international standards. The instruments are used in the current laboratories. In the case of ELTE, a new building, a new wing and in those the most up-to-date laboratories are to be built. The experts of ELTE and Gedeon Richter Plc. have collaborated to develop the infrastructure (the equipment suite and laboratories). An important element of the 21st century biotechnology RDI developments is the bioinformatics expertise, which already exists in the case of BIOTech FIEK. Bioinformatics experts effectively support the work of researchers producing a large amount of data.

It can therefore be concluded that the listed institutions possess the critical knowledge and equipment suite that constitute the basis for the operation of BIOTech FIEK. From the aspect of smaller customers, these capacities seem to be sufficient. Experts from Gedeon Richter Plc. have reported that they have 12 to 14 research development projects in progress, which are carried out mostly by foreign CROs. They are willing to bring these projects to Hungary and to ELTE (their annual value is approximately HUF 1 bn). In order to satisfy these increased demands, further developments and resources are required (so that developments could take place at the GMP/GLP[2] level). In addition, we can also rely on the experts of Richter in this process.

ELTE BIOTech FIEK seeks to tackle the question of training researchers. In this aspect, it can rely on the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MSc (related laboratory and HR) starting in autumn 2018, and the establishment of the planned MSc program in Bioinformatics to be launched in autumn 2019.

Finally, we must note that our aspiration is closely related to the Institution Development Plan of ELTE and may significantly improve the financial stability and operation of ELTE. In addition, it definitely meets the expectations of the Government.


  • Dr. Imre Kacskovics, Doctor of the HAS, director
  • Judit Molnár project manager

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Participants of the project:

  • Dr. László Buday academician, director, HAS RCNS Institute of Enzymology
  • Dr. András Kotchy Doctor of the HAS, director, Servier Research Institute of Medical Chemistry Inc.
  • Dr. Péter Kovács director, CRU Hungary Healthcare Services Ltd.
  • Dr. Erik Bogsch head of division, Gedeon Richter Plc., Biotechnology Research and Development Division
  • Dr. András Perczel academician, professor, ELTE Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. László Nyitray Doctor of the HAS, professor, ELTE Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. György Keserű Doctor of the HAS, scientific consultant, HAS RCNS
  • Dr. Tamás Szolyák deputy director general, National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition
  • Dr. Balázs Fürjes director, EIT eHealth